the restaurant

When Ralph Silano and Rich Ndini contemplated a new restaurant on the site of the old Pjura’s at 121 Wall Street, their detractors were legion. “You can’t have a first-rate restaurant in downtown Bridgeport”. “No one will come”. How could neighborhoods and reputations be altered if new businesses refused to take a stand, they argued. Wanting to be a part of the renaissance of Bridgeport – a city in which they were both born and raised – they forged ahead, opening on November 13th, 1990. Miracle of miracles!

From the “get go”, they were an unqualified success. Not only did people come, they came from distances to experience excellent Italian-Continental cuisine made with fresh and wholesome ingredients, moderate prices, attentive service, and caring leadership. When the old Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s closed on July 26th, 2006, it was to make way for a place that they dreamed would be bigger and better – replete with free parking, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and the ability to implement private parties. A new location (proudly across from the Barnum Museum, the icon of childhood memory) at 815 Main Street was refurbished to reflect an eclectic blend of old and new. What would not change, of course, was Ralph and Rich’s commitment to the highest quality in food and service, abetted by a specially chosen staff. The ambience would continue to reflect both professionalism and that special inimitable ingredient: a sense of welcome and family.

And so the tradition continues…